How to Go from Freelancer to Professional Designer

Posted by Julian Shapiro |05 Jun 15 |

June 5, 2015

Most freelancers struggle with the nuances of being multidisciplinary entrepreneurs who have to find, persuade, then eventually satisfy nitpicky clients. They unfortunately let the client-freelancer process get to them, and they lose sight of why they got into the freelance game to begin with: to be their own boss and to have fun producing high quality work.

There’s a simple trick for rising above the riff raff of freelancer tedium: understanding that freelancing is all about appearance. Appearance is what separates the novices from the professionals—far more so than the quality of their actual web development work does. It’s a hard truth, but it’s the truth.

A great appearance can single-handedly permit you to charge twice as much as you were before. Appearance is responsible for giving potential clients the impression that you’re as good as the expensive agency they’re…read more
By Julian Shapiro