Bottling Lightning:How to channel and sustain creativity

Posted by Linda Matthews |23 Feb 15 |

February 23, 2015

As professional designers we face new design challenges every day, taking great pride when we find solutions that truly stand out for their creativity. Sometimes these solutions arise in a straightforward way, and sometimes getting to them is a slog. Other times inspiration strikes like a bolt out of the blue, waking us from sleep or jolting us in the shower.

The whole creative process can seem mysterious, even (or especially) for those who employ it for a living. We are apt to wonder how we can possibly make sense of it, let alone harness it. How can we channel our creativity to optimize our performance at work (and maybe get a full night’s sleep or uninterrupted bath too)? How do we sustain our creativity over the long haul?

So much of what’s written on this subject is designed for the person seeking one great idea—the proverbial…read more
By Linda Matthews