Designing for Different Online Personality Types

Posted by Liraz Margalit |21 Jan 15 |

January 21, 2015

In my work as a web psychologist, I’m exposed to many different types of user behavior and online decision-making processes. Although each person is different and has an individual style, I have identified six recurring patterns of behavior that I identify as specific “online personality types.” In this piece, I’ll discuss the six pattern types, explain the psychological drivers of their behavior, and provide site optimization tips that online businesses can use to leverage each type’s unique desires.

1. The Wish Lister

First up is the “There are so many things I want but know I can’t have” disorder. I’ve seen this pattern mostly in women and mostly on e-commerce websites. The visitor devotes lots of time and effort into carefully picking items she wants and putting them in her shopping…read more
By Liraz Margalit