The 3 Most Powerful Heuristics Designers Can Use

Posted by Margaret Kelsey |06 Jul 15 |

July 6, 2015

We’ve only got so much mental bandwidth, and it seems like we’re always pushing that bandwidth to its limit: multitasking, moving at a breakneck pace, trying to do too much with too little—all of which limits our ability to weigh every possible outcome of our decisions.

Despite the crunch, we tend to get around just fine, making—mostly—decent choices.

You can thank heuristics, the subconscious rules we use to help us make decisions when we’re short on time or brain power. These mental shortcuts often involve focusing on one piece of a puzzle to the exclusion of all others, particularly when the problem’s complex.

At InVision, we keep in mind that the people we design products for face exactly these issues. They’re madly busy, multitasking machines—just like us. That’s why we focus on creating the most read more
By Margaret Kelsey