Designers as Innovators, and a Story About Coffee

Posted by Tyler Tate |01 Apr 15 |

April 1, 2015

Designers are problem solvers. They ask the question: “How can we make it easier and more enjoyable for people to achieve their goals?” They create prototypes, put them in front of users, and then iterate their design solutions until the experience matches the user’s needs and wants.

Often, designers are employed to create a new mobile application or make an existing website easier to use. But design thinking is also well suited for another, broader purpose: disruptive innovation. The ethos that makes designers effective at crafting experiences also equips them to become innovators.

The same approach, techniques, and values that make designers effective at crafting usable, enjoyable experiences—what we could call “design thinking”—also positions them to become innovators and entrepreneurs. To make the leap from designer to innovator, we simply need to think…read more
By Tyler Tate