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Understanding Your App :How Task-Based Testing Can Enhance the User Experience

Posted by Arthur Moan |06 Jan 16 |

January 6, 2016

The use of mobile apps has risen sharply in recent years, and so too has their importance to many businesses and organizations. Driven by the prevalence of smart phones, tablets and mobile internet connections, recent data revealed that since 2008, 100 billion apps have been downloaded from Apple’s App Store alone.

Once an app has been successfully developed and launched, it’s sink or swim time as it enters a crowded and highly competitive market place. A recent study by Google and Ipsos found that as many as one in four downloaded apps are never used. And even when they are, poor user experience can be responsible for missed conversions, and, in the case of e-commerce apps, lost sales and revenue. Understanding and perfecting the mobile app experience is therefore essential for any…read more
By Arthur Moan

Usability lessons to Improve Self-Service

Posted by Sarah Chambers |05 Jan 16 |

Self-service sites can provide the best user experiences – giving full control to the user – or they can cause enormous frustrations. Author Sarah Chambers shows us some of the design principles that were used to make one of the top self service sites available – and how we can use those same principles to improve our work.

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Your Guide to Designing for a Mobile-First Future

Posted by Jaron Rubenstein |23 Dec 15 |

December 23, 2015

With nearly half of Google search traffic coming from mobile devices, it’s safe to say that most visitors will be accessing your site from their smartphones, tablets, etc.

Is your online presence prepared to accommodate these habits?

It needs to be, because the mobile and desktop experiences are entirely different playing fields. For pages that require heavy user interaction or are content-rich, a mobile-first design is especially crucial. However, simply designing with mobile in mind isn’t enough to deliver an outstanding user experience.

Shrinking web page content and organizing it to fit onto a mobile screen is an outdated design approach — akin to shoehorning an oversized foot into a small shoe. The content and user experience should be laid out in a mobile-first fashion, optimizing the mobile experience before scaling up to desktop. This ensures designs prioritize…read more
By Jaron Rubenstein

Let’s Get Physical:The expanding role of digital UX design in a connected world

Posted by Chad Otis |28 Dec 15 |

December 28, 2015

The way we interact with technology is quickly moving from the screens in our pockets into the physical world around us. Smart homes, autonomous cars, cloud-based healthcare, and wearables are just some of the connected products currently dominating this conversation. With a predicted 50 billion connected products in market by 2020, UX designers will need to expand their view and be more collaborative than ever as they take on the many challenges and opportunities that come with this ever-expanding definition of omnichannel.

The good news is many of the UX principles we’ve defined in designing digital products will hold true in the highly connected environments of tomorrow. The even better news is that, as UX designers, we’re inheriting a hugely expanded set of tools and challenges as we collaborate more and more with architects, automobile designers, civil engineers, city planners, industrial designers, behavioral…read more
By Chad Otis

Best of 2015

Posted by Matthew Kammerer |29 Dec 15 |

Happy New Year! As we move into 2016, we at UX Booth want to thank you, the UX community, for another great year of conversations, questions, and articles.

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The Top UX Predictions for 2016

Posted by UX Magazine Staff |30 Dec 15 |

December 30, 2015

It’s that time of year again, where we present our annual UX predictions for the coming year. Will there be an increased focus on mobile? Will experiences be more tailored to the individual user? Will the UX we’re familiar with change so dramatically that we’ll have to call it something else altogether?

Without further ado, here are some predictions for 2016 from our contributors.

Adopting UX: The Challenge of Change – Scott Plewes, Macadamian

More and more, large companies are bringing UX teams in house and seeing it as a fundamental element of their business success. UX experts are being hired, or entire consultancy firms are being acquired as a whole to shore up larger companies capabilities. This is not surprising, given the important role UX is playing in the marketplace and what Forrester is calling “the age of the customer.” Companies that were not founded…read more
By UX Magazine Staff